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pythagoreans universeFive centuries before the birth of Christ, a faculty was created by the philosopher; mathematician and astronomer Pythagoras in island Samos.

Pythagorean believed, even if they did never accomplish to prove it that the universe could be comprehended with the help of numbers. This faith resulted from the thought that with numbers they could comprehend music, astronomy and mathematics.

Thus, a point was represented by the number 1, a straight line from the number 2, a surface from the number 3 and a solid by 4. Their sum, 10, was holy and omnipotent.

pythagorasPythagoras considered that the Earth and all the celestial bodies follow a circular orbit around an invisible fire, which was not the sun. The sun should follow its orbit too.

Globally there were 10 celestial bodies, including "Counter-Earth", a celestial body whose existence had one reason: to supplement the holy number 10. This perception was "alive" for 2000 years and was the first celestial system, in which bodies follow some orbits around another celestial body.

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