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General Theory of Relativity

GTRThe General Theory was proposed as a generalisation of the Special Theory of Relativity. It is one of the most important parts of modern science and was developed by Einstein. The general Theory emerged not from observations or experiments, but the certain philosophical questions was the real motive for Einstein. Why frames of reference are so special? Why do we not accept absolute speeds and but we do absolute accelerations?

In 1907, only two years after the publication of his thesis on the Special Theory, Einstein prepares a new thesis, trying to modify with it the theory of gravity of Newton. Was that important? Indubitably yes. According Newton, the gravitational force between two natural bodies, e.g. two planets, depends on masses of bodies and the distance between them. However, time is absent. For example, if one planet changes its position then the other planet will conceive the increase or the reduction of the gravitational force instantly. In other words, we are talking about a natural impact which is transmitted in no time. This is not accurate according to Special Theory. This ascertainment does not make the work of Newton useless. Einstein should make Newton's assumptions more accurate.

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