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Frequently Asked Questions about this website and how to use it

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What this website is about? Who made it?

This website includes scientific/educational content and it is about light.

It has been made by Y. Konstantakopoulos, PhD Candidate, under his thesis. The supervisor of the thesis is Mr. H. Polatoglou, Assoc. Professor at the Physics Department in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
What are the recommended settings?

We suggest you to use Mozilla Firefox or Opera; not Internet Explorer. If you are going to use IE, you should let all the plugins run. This website is free of any spyware or virus software.

You should also install (in case you don't have done it already):
- Flash plugin (for the Game Section)
- Java plugin (for the Laboratory of Light)
We also recommend a screen resolution of 1024x768px or more.
Tell me about the navigation scheme

There is a horizontal menu:

screenshot 1
which includes the basic sections of the website.
This menu is always visible.

Underneath there is an indication which informs you which part of the website you are using at a specific moment.
What about the vertical menu?

The vertical menu shows you the active chapter each moment.

screenshot 2
How to use the images
Let your mouse on an image for a moment. Then you will see some more inforamtion about it.
Screenshot 3
What are these buttons? Screenshot 4

These buttons ensure you that each webpage has passed the W3C Validation Standards.

This way, each page is read by a browser the best possible way, it is accessible by people with disabilities etc.
May I copy/reproduce/use/distribute part of this website somewhere else?
Of course! However we would like to be mentioned and sent an e-mail about your action.
We believe that the Web should remain free but the work of anyone should be respected and each one should be given the credits he deserves.
Nonetheless the commercial use of the material of Light Website is strictly forbidden. The commercial use is permitted only after the written permission of the owner.
This website is hosted at servers of the Physics Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. The servers log the web traffic of Light Website for security reasons. The log files can be used any time may be needed for educational (and not only) purposes.
This website runs under the Greek and EU copyright laws and any violation of the intellectual rights is punished.
Should I fill in the Questionnaire? Help

We need you do so!
As mentioned before, this website has been developed for scientific/educational reasons. By filling in the Questionnaire you help us measure its usefulness.
Please, before sending the Questionnaire take some time to navigate Light Website in order to know what this site is about.
What the image of the banner is about?

Lightbulb Sun
This image was taken from the official Porcupine Tree website. PT is a British rock band.
We used the particular image for a very simple reason: we like it!
I still have something to ask. What should I do?

You can send us an e-mail.
We will be happy to receive feedback from you.