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Ancient Philosophy

egyptWhat is the relation between the ancient philosophy and light? Perhaps there is not a direct one, but ancient philosophy was the base for the modern thought. The first cosmologies were based on fables. People used to believe that the universe was created by various factions, by certain calamitous natural phenomena or by the Gods and the effects that battles between them brought. Tribes as Babylonians, Egyptians Chinese and Indians were such examples. At the same time these tribes had excelled in mathematics and astronomy, for practical reasons. For example Egyptians used mathematics to evolve irrigation systems or to forecast the floods of the river Nile.

The drawback was that all these theories could not forecast any phenomena. Unfortunately they did not seek for explanations, but what could not be justified, was ascribed to the Gods. The first tribe that accomplished to make an effort to explain the universe were ancient Greeks. This, concerns a time period more than 2000 years from nowadays.

Ancient Greeks were the first ones that perceived, not precisely the idea of light, but something similar, the first atomic theory. They also seized other modern concepts of Physics and considered that some secular phenomena could be explained by intellect. All this procedure was never noticed before and that is why it deserves our attention.

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